The state-of-the-art product Media Chart is a one stop solution for associations to attain a panoramic view of trending channels, programs and shows. In addition, associations can view industry reports to get a better understanding of their target market.

  • Why Media Chart

    Media Chart is currently the most advanced tool available for associations to track and collect real-time ratings of different channels, programs & shows, anchors & celebs and much more. In addition to this, Media Chart gives in-depth analysis on latest media updates and trends of the industry by taking in consideration the most effective elements such as demographics and GRP ratios.

    Media Chart is the most competent tool for all the members of associations, advertisers, broadcasters, etc. to build up their momentum in the industry by reviewing instant and updated media trends.

    • Media Chart gives detailed industry reports by taking into account cable providers in different locales that used to be discounted otherwise.
    • The rankings you get at Media Chart are almost perfect and unbiased as it makes use of the key demographics indicators for deriving out precise GRPs.


Ads Chart is another leading tool by MediaVoir that help associations to get accurate insights on advertisements trends and rankings on various platforms. The members of associations can access members area where they can view customized advertisements data pertaining to their interest.

  • Why Ads Chart

    The leading advertisement viewership solution – Ads Chart, is the most innovative tool helping millions of associations around the globe to get advertisement ratings for their usage. The associations can now get the most accurate insight on specific brands, sponsors and advertisements, thereby helping in establishing a transparent relation between broadcasters, advertising agencies & media buying houses and associations.

    Introducing for the first time in Pakistan the possibility to actually capitalize media campaigns to the most accurate target market. The associations can now leverage their slots to the right broadcasters on the basis of real time advertisements rankings.

    • Ads Chart identifies rankings of all the brands, sponsors, advertisements, etc. in the industry.
    • In addition, it provides a comprehensive picture of trends and rankings of all the advertising agencies and media buying houses.


Ads Check is the latest advancement by MediaVoir – a tool that empowers all the associations around the globe to capitalize on their adverts in the most advanced way! Save up thousands of dollars by paying the right amount for your advertisements bills.

  • Why Ads Check

    Introducing the latest advancement by MediaVoir - Ads Check, your best solution to all the adverts queries. Ads Check helps you to get a panoramic status of your adverts. This is the only software that empower advertisers and sponsors to save on thousands of dollars by allocating the right budget for their adverts.

    For the first time in Pakistan, advertisers have the power to track their adverts performance like never before. All they need is Ads Check!.

    • Check the performance of your ads.
    • Get 360 degree overview of the performance of advertising world.
    • Allocate the right budget to adverts and save thousands of dollars.
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